First edition of Sunkissed 85 is finally here!

First edition of Sunkissed 85 is finally here!

Hello there! I'm in launch position and happy to be free of the wait! Every book in this first edition is signed by me personally and ready to ship. I promise it will get to you faster than it would with the Ankh-Morpork post office, while taking the same care with packages... OR ELSE! (oh yes, I am a DiscWorld/Terry Pratchett book fan)

Not Actual stamps

To celebrate I will be doing a book talk with The South East Center of Photography in South Carolina via Zoom, and you are all invited.  Save this link. It will guide you to the Zoom event. 

SE Center of Photography Book Talk

I've opened up the ability to purchase the book  (< clink, cheers) before the book talk to everyone who subscribed to my updates first. Thank you for your interest in my over 20 years long work with Solarization. All first edition books are signed by me personally. 

In other news: I was recently interviewed by Authority Magazine about my work which you can read here: Interview

The Photo Independent Virtual Fair showcasing my work, some of which was shown at the LA ART Show and the MIA Photo Fair in Milan, Italy is still up and running with a selection of images found in Sunkissed 85. I have two galleries there but have only linked to the relevant gallery corresponding with my book. 

The 22 annual photography retreat I run is off to Australia this year! Over 20 of us are all sorted into our perspective houses and off to spend 10 days fully immersed in creation of art. Message me for details!

And that's that! I hope you can make it to the book talk!



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